Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Cabin Life

The Cabin, Garner, North Carolina 4229 Benson Road. I get free electric, free water, free gas heat in the monthly rent of $550. I have trust fund and I get cabin rent from sister Lisa end of each month. I get two deposits each month for spending money from sister Lisa in my Serve card.  I have a paid in full Honda SUV CRV 2010 with 118,000 miles. I have North Carolina drivers card and auto tag. I have a passport and passport card for international travel and cruise ships. I have Spectrum Cable service for only high speed Internet at $65.00 per month. I have no cable channels and I use Direct TV Now free trials form time to time. And use Mom's account for network live channels on direct on websites. I live 13 mile away from mom and sister Lisa two houses at I own a Apple I Phone SE with free cellular and data service from sister Lisa family plan account. I have a Acer Desktop Computer and a Westinghouse Flat Screen 24 inch. I get a new computer on my Birthday every two, three years from Walmart. Under $500.00. I don't drink Adult Drinks I am a soda drinker by trade. I only have one or two beers each weekend's at mom's house. Pale Ale.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekday's Media Times

The weekend media time slots I do is bbc five live radio England 11 AM to 2 PM. EST Kiny Radio, Problem Corner Show 3 PM EST. Tampa Ten News 5 PM to 6 30 PM EST. 24 hours each day for Kapa Radio Hawaii Islands Music. Fox News 2 PM  and 3 PM EST.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Agenda

I have no Summer Agenda. Only to my radio shows on Corolla Radio on Saturday's and Sunday's. I plan to go to Mom's house on each weekend from my cabin in Garner, North Carolina. Sometime in October I will go back to Outer Banks for 4 day's 3 nights at Ramada Inn Kill Devil Hills.

Best Likes to Music Video

Miley Cyrus Party In the USA is the best likes to a Mr Bob music video from before ideas.
With the added touch to an true American Theme with autos.

American Icon music and autos and people. The best music video out of the whole bunch.

Best Likes to Motion Picture

Many people started asking me what is the very best likes to before ideas Motion Picture? I very much enjoy Captain Ron from Martin Short. About a nice sailing adventure.

Captain Ron stand out to be the very best out of all the other Motion Pictures before ideas.  


Welcome everyone to my official blogger account. I will post day to day stuff on this blog. I currently live in Garner, North Carolina population under 30,000 people. I have done before ideas for everyone in Movies, Music, Radio, Computers, Television and Corporations since 1968. The bulk of ideas came from working at same time for Chickfila in Palm Harbor, Florida from 1997 to 2007. I am known to my fans as King Bob. The United States Market Place.

I am a lover of Lava Lamps, Hot Tubs, Big Foot's, Lava Caves. I live in a cabin Hoping to make it big one day for a personal ownership in a home someplace in Outer Banks, NC. I do a weekend radio show on Saturday's and Sunday's on Corolla Radio